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Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Thank you to everyone who has joined me for my birthday events!!
Being surrounded by loveywonderful folks is the bestestestestest thing ever in the whole entire world.

My dear London-living friend, Greg, asked me what sorta loot I've gotten so far:

I got Breakfast at Rudy's Can't Fail with Steev, Jesse, Valerie and Zak, then hours in the sun at the pool, then sushi dinner
with Jesse, Steev, Niki, Rhiannon, Mary, Melissa (those three are from school), Layne, Jessica, Meeks, Ramon...

I got hand-made truffles (OMG OMG thank you Niki's housemate Theresa!!), "lip venom" from Nikki, which is this crazy lip gloss that's all ginger-spicey and makes your lips sorta burn and swell..... it's sorta creeepy. .. but it's tasty and sparkley; how can I not love it?!

I got flowers picked from my friend Nadya's yard (they're making my whole apartment smell like jasmine right now), and she organized with the
DNA lounge that I got a booth for my party when I got there (which was
awesome, 'cause then we could all leave our stuff there safely and
have seats when we wanted; hurrah!!),

And, of course, drinks, which led me into some fantastic lip-sycning of New Wave tunes long into the night with Steev and Kenny....

A purse from Shannon that is green with a blingy crown on it (she says it's per'cause I'm the queen). It's AWESEOME.

Last night Steev took me to
FancyFancyFancyPantsy Bobo's Fillet Mignon Bone-In STEAK from heaven dinner, and he got me fancypants supercool designer shirt of awesome:

and another one, that is greenie bluey and purdy with a unicorn

And there's another birthday pressie, too!! But I'm saving it.
Tomorrow, he's taking me to see Teatro Zinzanni, and some of my
girlfriends are joining us; YAY!

So... um YEAH, my birthday ROCKS!!

Thank you, wonderous friends! Pictures in the near soon!!

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fatma said...

happy, happy belated birffday! happy to hear you had a great time :)

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