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Monday, November 21, 2005

Me and cute aminals!!!

too cute, that's what these kids are. Tiffany Diamond, the Devon Rex kitten, was a holy terror, unless you were holding him, in which case he'd purrr and purrrrrrr; even if you put clothing on him.

But I love Spike (last picture) and Sebastian (fluffy boy); they're my boys.. love love love...

and now, I present, my lovely trip to Artana's House of Animal Dress-Up:

the quirks of work

two things:

My boss, a female MD, just told me, "I have to say, you look sort of like a punk Stepford Wives with those glasses..."

Lots of the people I work with; the conservative-looking ones who are all over 40, all broke out with a herpes sore on their mouths last week. EEEW. Carmex, people.

triumphant! whoot!

I'm sure proud of the moving! Yay! Other than that, I getting lots of support from my friends around me, and feeling very very lucky to have so many girliees around who will stop what they're doing to give me hugs and make me laugh when I freak out in the middle of a social situation, watch movies with me, and spend the night and snuggle me; I'm totally greatful. Especially considering that I just watched my good friend deal with a breakup, and he got none of this lovin'... it's fucked up to be a guy. Guys get shafted when it comes to support from friends.
No spooning, no hugs; fuck; they don't even get to cry comfortably. I'm glad I'm a girl; yay.

I've decided that if I were a cartoon right now, I'd have explosive, acidic, projectile vomit. But I would still be a girl cartoon.

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