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Monday, July 31, 2006

Monday Evening at KOMET Bar...

Well, after my normal (these days) bedtime at 1pm, I woke at 7 and chatted and gave myself dance class here at Ariane's house until she called to pick me up from the bar... here we are at KOMET...

link here to the gallery from 08-01-06

KOMET bar was great and low key.
I had drinks with Ariane and the nurse and accident victim and Ralf (dude with the glasses on). There was a very cool rock 'n' roll jukebox playing, and red walls and a friendly feeling.
After that, we went to a cafe for burgers and everyone was all overexcited about the way I payed, because they say "cheese burger" but I said "Käseburger," which was apparently the cutest thing in the world, and they've decided to adopt it as their new terminology.

After that, we went to another bar, called Yoko Mono, which was totally hipster-looking from the outside, but the djs blew my mind....
The bar had some locals, some gypsies, some folks smoking pot, and a pool table, which we waited for but didn't get to use.
When we arrived, they were playing... crap.. not bauhaus... but... argh.. New Order, perhaps?
Right afterwards, they played "Alle Dings" by Einsturtzende Neubauten, and then a bunch of german music which sounded like The Tiger Lillies, but that I had never heard before, and with this amazing baritone singing who puts Jim Morrison to shame.
Sorry there aren't any photos of that, but there wasn't too much to see...
All and all a loverly night.... and now I'm chatting again... maaaaan I am internet addicted right now... or maybe it isn't the internet, but the company I'm keeping there... YAY!

Dvinsk Clan-Le Parkour

Oh... my freaking lord. This is really the most amazing physical performance I have ever seen. Watch all of it (there is a slow bit about a minute in)... it is amazing. These guys can tell Cirque du Soleil to stop crying and go home to their mothers. Plus, it has a freaking awesome french hip-hop soundtrack....
Wow. Freaking WOW.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Pics and videos of Amber's trip!! Thank you Steev, you god!!

So, here is the link to some more of the photos I have been obsessively taking with my camera... and also videos!

Video Index for this vacation

07-29-06a (this is an upload date): some photos from my last couple of days, then photos from Ariane and I hanging out at the beach by the Eble River. Next are some shots from Ariane's gallery, which was having a small event at which the guy in the blue shirt made a giant, edible map out of mashed potatoes, saurkraut and sausages.
The last couple are of me in the Erotic Art Museum's gift shop, holding up a familiar book....

07-26-06b: The first are of me in the Erotic Art Museum's gift shop, holding up that familiar book, then on to
the Rock and Wrestling show.

Video Index has a bunch of vids from that night

Those with the titles beginning with "RnW" are from last Friday, when Ariane and I went out to the Rock N Wrestling Show, with the exception of the Curvettes video. The Curvettes opened the Rock N Wrestling show -- they're an all-girl Argentinian rock band, and they ROCKED! Also, there is a breif scenery shot of the blues/nautically-themed bar that Ariane and I went to before the show.

The rest of that page is of my day hanging out by the town which I think was called BlankSee (warning, that link has another big ole video under it)

The last two pics are of Ariane's faaaabulous dinner that night; a northern german dish of pickled herring with cream sauce, but since we didn't have any picklejuice, we used pickled beet juice, ending up with a dish I have entitled "Pink Fisch."

07-31-06: Ariane and I have a late night adventure!

She and I went out after I spent hours IMming with Steev, him helping me figure out the best way for me to transfer all of these files to somewhere that y'all could check them out.

The party downstairs (a.k.a. in Ariane's gallery,) was over, so we went to a club nearby and danced, it was super sweaty in there, and both of the ladies' toilets were broken, so we would walk the block back to the gallery to pee a few times during the night.

Eventually, we came back home and decided we weren't done, although it was 5am. Ariane had told me about the Hamburg Fish Market, where people actually go to drink more after partying all night. So we hopped on a U-bahn and stopped to look at the tunnel.
The tunnel runs from one side of the Elbe to the other.. that side is for pedestrians, and the other is for cars. The street in it is so narrow, however, that I was astonished that cars can fit through it at all. I told Ariane that it must be like driving in those little cars on tracks at Great America. (Speaking of, extreme gratitude goes out to Steev for finally taking me to Great America again after years of wanting to go... damn, we had a kickass time. YAY!)

Notice the two smurf toys in the window of the fire department car. Cute!!

When we got to the main hall of the Fischmarkt, there was a band playing "Johnny be Good", and it was packed with people drinking and smoking cigarettes.
....hundreds of people... it was about 6:30am!!??!!
hee hee

The man who looks like he might be picking his nose was a weird foreign tourist who offerred to take our picture with my camera... but it was creepy... like he might try to take it. Ariane took his picture for taking our picture, and asked him how he felt about it... I bet he doesn't know that he looks like he's picking his nose.. heh heh.

I have no explaination of what in particular made that sailor "#4". But that is why I took a picture of him. Sailor #4. (Wow, sailors really do have uniforms with stripes, just like in the fairytales!! YAY!!)

europeans are so cute. Well, most of them, anyway.
some dude, when I was squatting next to Ariane as she took some pictures, saw that my pants were riding low, and walked up and said in german, "you need to pull your pants up a bit higher," and stuck one finger straight down them, near my ass crack. I stood up and kicked him as hard as I could in the shin. He was so drunk he didn't even flinch. Wichser.

fucking drunk dudes. argh.
it just takes too long for me to figure out the proper response in german ("Fick dich im Arsch, du klein, dumm Kind!!" I thought of ten minutes later,) so I resort to violence in those cases...

Sidenote: I remember one time in Italy when I had my hiking backpack on and was walking with Jessica to the train station, and I saw two punks walking towards us, reasonably decent looking, our age, and my feeling was that they were freaks like us. I had my purse in one hand and hers in the other.
And they walked by me on the left and each tweaked my nipple really hard, and I couldn't block them with my arm because my backpack straps were too puffy. I couldn't hit them, because my hands were full of our purses with our passports and our money. All I could do was watch and hear them laugh at me as they walked on past.
I cried right there in the street.
Fucking Bologna. Man I hated that city:
100 degrees and humid as hell for three days, getting followed for blocks at midnight by creepy guys, disappointing food...
And I felt so helpless and cheated by my expectation that they would have some sense of comeraderie.
So.. I kick drunk guys.

Also, from the Fishmarkt, we took a random boatride on a ferry-
Ariane just walked us onto it, and I asked her, "where does this go?"
She said... "um... over there, over there... and then it comes back here... wait... does it come back here? Oh, shit.."
but it did
hee hee
There was CRAAAAZY fog on that boatride, too, as you can see in the pictures of the places we rode by. You can also see the funky smoked sardines we were eating (I decided that last fish head was too salty for my taste), the beautiful dog with the sad face and gorgeous eyes who was thinking, "Master... why do I have to be on this cold boat? I wanna be at home. Maaaan this sucks." The dog later walked over to a stranger and layed down on his feet to stay warm. I stole some earses.

Anyhow, in addition to the photos from the Fischmarkt here in Hamburg, I took pictures of the castle Ariane lives in (and me, too, right now!!). It was originally a mint, and those photos are not out of focus; it was all foggy and hazey as we walked home at 9 am from the Haubtbahnhoff.

The later pics in the bunch are of Ariane and I taking a walk through the gay area near the Hauptbahnhoff last night. We discovered a couch in an alleyway which I want to have sent to me. There was a sign on it that said, "For taking," which I pinned to my shirt in those pics.

We walked from there to the Aster, a lake-ish area of the Elbe, and played around with the night shots on my camera, and then a huge thunderstorm broke out on our walk home, and we had to hide in a doorway near the famous Atlanta hotel. There is a video clip where you can see the rain, which was full of giant drops, and hear one of the much smaller rolls of thunder...

And since then, we watched City of God (which was amazing, and I managed to understand almost all of with dubbing and subtitles in German because there was no English to be had.
Ariane cooked (fabulously, again, I might add), steak and potatoes and veggies and we shared a bottle of wine until about 3:30am, when I once again ended up online chatting with Steev again... and now it is 11am.

The major initial uploads are done. The bloggery is done. OMG.. exhausted, despite having been up this late almost every night... wow, that was a lot of work, but it will be much easier on a smaller basis.... and... awesomesauce is that the bumps have been mostly ironed out and I don't have to worry about overwhelming my memorycard.

Steev... you fucking rock my world, in more ways than one. Thank you again, sugar.

magic massage tool?

Here's a collection of coincidences that are freaky,,,

So, earlier tonight, I was stretching and I felt my injury flare up (the one under my ass bone, for lack of a better term). So I asked Ariane if she had any hard massage tool or a tennis ball or something that I could massage it out with.
When it is flared up, it usually hurts every time I move it for the next hour or two
and I had this injury on the other side, so it has been over a year of healing the other one, and that still gets tender, and so, this one on the left, I know will take a long time to heal.
Ariane had only one small hard thing, and it is a white stone that she couldn't remember at first where it had come from. I ground it into my sore adductor connective tissue, and there was really a surprising lack of pain within a couple of minutes.
I twisted my leg to turned out position, it hurt again, I massaged a slightly different area and then it stopped hurting; really stopped hurting...
I said to her, "wow, that really, really helped!"
She said, "oh my god.. I just remembered that I got it from a preist in Tahiti"
"I think it has something to do with a powerful sea creature"
So... just then, her best friend, Eliane, who is in Tahiti now (she had a baby with a man down there), wrote her an email asking Ariane to call because weird stuff was happening in Tahiti.
When Ariane called, Eliane said that the preist had found her, and brought her to a sacred space where he had left a stone in Eliane's honor, because there had been some feeling that he had something more to do with Eliane, even though he had not done anything (ritual wise) with her.
The preist is apparently looking for an apprentice, because his children do not have whatever it takes within them, and the preist learned that Eliane's son is named the hawaiian word for Shark/shark god.
... hence the preist took Eliane to the place, and showed her her stone and said that he wants to do a ritual with Kiki (her son), and needs back this stone that Ariane has here in Hamburg, which he gave Ariane after doing a ritual on her 4 years ago.
Apparently the stone has something to do with fertility,
and was just reactivated last night.

Does this make my butt fertile now?

Saturday, July 29, 2006


Steev wrote a fucking song for me. And recorded it. All of it... for me...
Oh... my freaking god.
where is this coming from? I wasn't expecting this at all. I ... am speechless.

the song in question

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Zombie Princess

So, folks, for all of those of you who are currently curious as to my whereabouts, try either the google maps link below, or use your google earth program:

Repsoldstraße 45
20097 Hamburg

The tour on the top of the building above the arrow is directly across from my window, as I am in the backside of that building.
this building was built in 1880, it is as old as the famous german castle that Disney based it's castle on.
This castle was originally a mint and housed the chancellor for a while.
I am staying in a castle with a countess. For reelio.

Soon I will learn how to upload my pictures from my brand spanking new camera, and I will do it to all of my favorite music because Jesse is the most fabulously fabulous guy EVER in the world.


Oh, my god, and check out the freshly updated Living Dead Girlz page, where there is link to the gorgeous video shot and edited by Holy Zoo, with whom we will be doing a closed shoot in the near future.

and, check out mister Holy Zoo himself... Swooooon.. (not to mention his awesome photographic abilities!!)

Monday, July 03, 2006

Folgers - Happy Morning

I wonder if people who aren't addicted to coffee realise the sheer genius of this.
and, honestly... when I was a teenager, and wanted to sleep in, my mom would go into the kitchen and wash dishes.
And when I say "washing dishes," what I really mean is that she would slowly rub a soapy sponge all over pots and pans as an excuse to bang them together. And she would invent little songs... little songs with almost the same melody, only with her own lyrics:
"wake up, little daisy!
the sun is shining, little daisy!
Wake up!"
"Wake up, little daisy!"
no wonder I'm a caffeine addict.

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