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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Yey Xmas!

I did soooo well this Xmas; I was really quite surprised. I expected Jack Poop for Xmas, but I got spoiiiiiled.
My boyfriend gets about fifteen million quadrillion gold stars for presents this year. I just bought myself a used Playstation II, and so he bought me Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, and gave it to me on Solstice. I told him that I wouldn't open it until Christmas Day because I expected to not have anything to open, so he said he'd buy me another pressie. And he bought me TWO other pressies; a San Andreas strategy book and also Resident Evil Veronica X.
Unfortunately, I am having trouble with the control keys for that one; the whole run/attack system is quite funky, as in, there doesn't seem to be a way to jump, and when I have knocked down a zombie, I don't seem to be able to run over them.... I think I'll just have to strategize some more so that I don't get caught in the middle of five of them at once. It also sucks because my PS only came with one memory card (unexpected side effect of the seller's friends having games saved on it; but how are they going to use it without the Playstation????!!!) So, I don't have any room to save games from Resident Evil, because it's all full of GTA. OH, the HORROR.
My mommie got me a bunch of cute little things; a cute little purse of velvet and silk ribbon in black; she also gave me a rectangular black leather box I found, a cute and weird snow-globe, candy of yumminess, fruits and nuts and some cute little stuffed animals/ornaments, a silky scarf and some random spices. John (boyfriend)'s mom got me a month of voice lessons. I LOVE HER!!!
On Xmas Day, I went over to John's for their pressie openings, and his mommie made us apple pancakes. Then I went on a walk with his fam, their friends and two dogs for a couple of hours in Tilden, which was lovely and brisk and clear. His mommie and I talked about how he's been so much happier in the last year, and less shy, and about his work. She said to me, in a car full of his dad and two other friends of the fam, that she thinks that a lot of his happiness has to do with me. It was so sweet!!! I felt all special. I heart her. Yey!!
I went home and played with my toys, and then went to dinner with my friend Shannon (the zombie director) at my friend Siobhan's house. Now; Siobhan is just plain old lovely. She's a vegetarian, but she loves to cook and be a housewife, and she loves to cook MEAT. Seriously; this girl has had two bites of meat in her entire life, and she stuffs her own sausages. You gotta love her. We had a glorious, wine-ridden meal; bread with aeoli spread, corn, peas, mashed potatoes, and this HUGE hunk of meat; like eight pounds of medium-rare, bloody glory. I should've taken a picture, it occurs to me now. Sigh. It was soooooooo good. They expected to have close to eight people eating dinner, but instead it was three meat eaters and two vegetarians. Hee hee.
When D went to go buy the meat, she said to the butcher that she would need enough meat for a Christmas dinner for up to eight. The butcher said; "oh, a college girl like you is probably going to have football players over, so you should take this big piece." Yeah; that butcher sure knows a girl who has a traditional football player gang-bang Christmas when he sees one. ??!!! Isn't that what all young blonde girls do on Xmas day? Well, after stuffing ourselves to the tune of butt-rock music (I swear; we actually heard "I hate Everything about you" in the mix,) Siobhan brought out dessert. We all moaned for mercy, but she had made a blueberry pie with fresh whipped cream on top, and her neighbor had made these fried cream-cheese puffs with powdered sugar on top. It was soooo good that we all stuffed some down our gullets, despite feeling we were going to explode. All of us except for S, that is, who claims that he NEVER does dessert. He just doesn't.
That isn't the sort of thing you say to a hostess like Siobhan. She stared him down like a cross between Mommie Dearest and a dominatrix. "You have to at least try it. You don't have to eat it. But you have to try it," she said, "You're an adult; if you don't like it, you can spit it out. But you have to at least try it." She held a fork in his direction menacingly, with her hand on her hip and the look of death in her eyes. D, Shannon and I were all laughing ourselves to tears. Siobhan would not give up. She walked over to him, the cheese ball six inches from his mouth. He pleaded for mercy, "No, no, PLEASE! I love you, Siobhan! This dinner has been so amazing! Thank you so much! I really appreciate it, but please; I just don't do dessert! Please, no!!"
But Siobhan does not take no for an answer, and shoved it down his throat. (See picture below).

After dinner, Shannon and I went to her house, while I played Monkey Ball with her bf, then we went to Death Guild Christmas at the DNA Lounge. There was a creepy couple onstage; a bald guy and a girl with a cowboy hat, and they were just a little too trashy for our friend Star's taste. He kept trying to whip her teats out, and shoving his face in her crotch. She was getting down on her hands and knees, and then he would spank her and rub her crotch through her jeans. It was really not sexy; they seemed to think they were at Bondage a Go-go, but it just wasn't pretty. So Star recruited five of us girls to make a dancing wall of hotness downstage of them. They eventually got the message and left... heeh hee.
So that was my Christmas, and it was lovely. Yey! Now I'm at home, playing with my toys and thinking that I should get out of my house and get some exercise... Well; we'll see if that happens. I also need to write an article for the Reel Video Newsletter, and that is mighty late already, so..... Merry Christmas!

She cracked a smile when she finally got to shove her cheese ball into his mouth.... Posted by Hello

Saturday, December 18, 2004

I wish I had photoshop....

Photoshop would RAWK. (below)
Yeah. I'm going to go watch A Series of Unfortunate Events. I hope it satisfies my desire for dark children's stories, but I've read that it falls short in many ways, namely that Tim Burton was busy, and they didn't use the director from the Addams Family, either.
Hopefully it will be pretty...
I have a new love of the Tiger Lillies.

Yey. I should be a photographer. This was another with my silly phone-camera, too. Posted by Hello

all I want for Xmas....

Well, I got a part time job... so, thoeretically, I shouldn't starve for the forseeable future. I'll only be making about 65% of my income on this job, and I am taking out my lipring for it. It's a weird thing, having to suck it up for a while. I really don't want to, but I figure that it is much smarter than becoming unemployed. I will be working afternoons, from about noon to four in the city. Bummer thing is that I will have nothing to do from four until the time of dance class. What I really need is a job where I work until 6, then I can have a bite to eat and go to my favorite teachers' classes. Urgh.
My housemate was suggesting that I go to other classes, maybe even just take some yoga or something. I haven't been to class in quite a while... I have been not wanting to risk the depression that reared it's head last time I tried to kill 2 1/2 hours of work alone in downtown SF will all of the Xmas decorations. Of course, it shouldn't be so bad now that I have finished my grad school applications, but still. Maybe I should watch It's a Wonderful Life. Heh. I'm sure that would work better if I were religious. I should work on some Xmas cards or something, since I can't let myself buy all kinds of presents. What poo.
I sure do miss having friends that lived in the Mission with kitties and company for me to happily fill my lag time in the city. That would be super great.
And I have good things coming up. I will be having my first band meeting on Wednesday, and a fanciepantsie Solstice party on Tuesday. Yeah.
I should start thinking about my zombie dance group to be. What music should I use? Herm...
Maybe "Coin Operated Boy" would be fun, cause it has a mechanical theme to it, and zombies can be quite jerky. Heh heh.. Jerky.

Saturday, December 11, 2004


I just finished my writing samples and my Statement of Purpose!!!!!!!!!!
Now all I have to do is upload them and write a couple of little blurbs for money from one of the schools. OH MY GOD. I can't believe it. I have worked SO FREAKING HARD on this. It was kind of like having finals for the past two months, and working at the same time.
getting laid off next Wednesday doesn't feel like a thing. Bwah hah hah.
I feel AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH, YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 06, 2004

I have killed two pairs of platforms this week. I am a sad, poor girl. Posted by Hello


Well, it seems that the work day is now complete. It was not so bad being a file-clerk today, and I am very excited about having interviews in the next couple of days. Maybe I will not have to be unemployed over Xmas. I do not want the torture of poverty; these last months have been hard enough as it is. I want vacation. And I deserve it, dag nab it! Sheeeeeeeeeee-oooo!
And I also want a huge plastic ball in my next office, instead of a chair. They are sooo comfy. mmmm-mmm.
Really, kids, I promise more meaty entries (entrails) as soon as my applications are done. It is bizarre how the re-writing never seems to end. Just when I think I'm done with something except for a proofreading, I'll start reading it, and then, five hours later, I say; "I think I'm done with this paper, just needs a little proofreading!" I am inspired to find out what my grey matter looks like on the outside.
Wednesday I get to do a video shoot for my dance teachers; I'm excited; it's to the Dresden Dolls. I am going to be cute and eeevol on film; my favorite two things!
Well, I should go and purchase some froo froo makeup for the shoot. Too bad there's no fake blood involved.
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