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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Braggidy brag brag

I would like to take a moment here;

Some of you may have heard about the blood wrestling I did last weekend; how it was unpadded, I got a goosegg on my noggin, my knees are totally purple (and this is way worse than taking Martha Graham dance classes), and I put a girl's shoulder back into the socket after she dislocated it in the fight before me. So here's a message that the lovely girl in question sent me, that makes me proud:

"...and thanks again - i think you put me back together really well the doctor at the ER was impressed that we did it ourselves!"

Sah-weet. My talents abound.

Love Urn from Costco.

Image hosted by
Absolutely seriously.*20949*20950*

Another loverly performance last night at Bondage a Go-Go; we had technical difficulties earlier in the day with Shannon's chainsaw blood bag; the kind of technical difficulties that entail a pressurized latex bag full of fake blood exploding in her face. This resulted in the Living Dead Girlz ending up rigging the chainsaw with surgical tubing directly to the fire extinguisher filled with blood.

This resulted in some very happy and very blood-soaked folks in the front row, who basically were hosed down with blood blasted right into their chests and faces... heh heh heh... Ah; Shannon and her eternal quest to cover the world in blood.

We received some very nice complements after the show; our favorite of which was from a hot latex-sheathed lady (who did not explode in Shannon's face). The lady in question works somewhere that many burlesque troupes perform and she said that she was impressed by our being what she called "on point," by which she meant that we managed to stay in unison and with the music. YAY! Sounds easy; is actually quite an accomplishment, and it was so lovely to have someone approach us and deliver such pleasing words; HURRAH!

By the way; have I mentioned yet how much I love love love love my Living Dead Girlz? How friggin' hard they work? How incredibly hot they are? How much fun they are to work with?

Well; Kiddies;
the last show for a while is on Monday, Halloween itself;
I hope the rest of you can make it!!
It's at the Glass Kat on 4th and Bryant, and we'll go on a bit after midnight; more details on our website!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Living Dead Girlz @ Bondage a Go-Go Tonight!

Tonight at Midnight!
The Living Dead Girlz will shake their hot undead booties for you at the Glass Kat for Bondage A Go-Go!
Live, Hot Girls,Cold, Undead Flesh!!
We hope to see you all there!

Bondage is 18+, located at 4th and Bryant in San Francisco.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Living Dead Girlz Performances!!!

Hooray! We've had our first two zombietastic shows, and they went fabulously!!!

Come see our next two, at Bondage a Go-Go on Wednesday the 26th and at Death Guild on the 31rst!
Both take place at the Glas Kat in SF, for more info:

If you missed our show at MEAT last week, here's an intro:

it loads slowly, I'm afraid, but at least it isn't one of those dinky windows.... and the show just gets better from there!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Chainsaw Mafia Horror Film Fest Posted by Picasa

This Thursday! Film Fest and Living Dead Girlz!

The Chainsaw Mafia Independent Horror Film Festival

is happening in 2 days at the Parkway Theater!

Here is some info about it on The Chainsaw Mafia webiste-
Thursday October 20th. 9:15 PM (I suggest getting there early)
Only $6. 21+A fascinating collection of short horror films from filmmakers located in
the Bay Area and around the globe. will be present along with many different, inspiring artists
who work within the horror-genre. Particular artists will have
tables/displays where you can view thier work and meet and network with
the horror enthusiasts and creators of the Bay Area.

A drop dead performance by The Living Dead Girlz, an extremeley hot,
talented Zombie Dance Troupe.

2 free tickets to REANIMATOR
the theatrical representation of the classic horror film taking place in
San Francisco at the end of October-

and other giveaways!

A vomit bag will be presented to every person who walks in the door.Please use it, and then describe to me in great detail how everything cameout.
The fest is being held at The Parkway Speakeasy Theater, which is one of
the most unique theaters in California. Couches, beer, wine, pizza,
nachos, salads, and pasta is available.
1834 Park Blvd
Oakland CA
Writeup for the winning films coming soon!
The official after-party for the film festival is MEAT

Film Fest attendees get in free to MEAT!
I hope to see you guys there!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Being a director is the stressfol.

Details are quite a pain in the hiney.

Well; today I heard that our old stickers might have the wrong web address on them... had to fix the shortie design, find a replacement button company since the other one completely flaked, heard in the last 24 hours that two of my dancers have to miss hours out of our workshop day tomorrow, and figure out how to approach the people who miss-represented us on the flier for a show we're doing by saying "zombie go-gos will entertain"... which really gets me... zombie go-going is quite different than having a choreographed, costumed, set, multi-part, prop-inclusive, special effects having dance troupe that's been rehearsing for months. No reference to our name, no mention of our website...
now I can't get into paypal to pay the button folks... ARAGH
On a brighter note; it was my second year in a row getting chosen by Gen .... yay!
Genitorturers make my year!! Whoot! almost 5; I'm outta here!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Blowflies are attracted to wet orifices. This means that --if the temperature is over 50 degrees Farenheit-- the blowflies will come and eat your wet bits first. When you see a body with uneven decomposition; as one can observe on my cheeks, that implies the presence of blood which attracted blowflies. This is one of the ways that forensic scientists can tell where wounds are after the wounds are no longer visible in rotten flesh. Posted by Picasa

Amalia makes decomp dreamy.... Posted by Picasa

I may be rotten, but you'd better believe that those blowflies lay eggs filled with diamonds. Posted by Picasa

I hate it when my bling gets caught in my flesh. Posted by Picasa

See that big, luscious lip of flesh hanging from my chest? Definately a knife wound.. or a glass necklace from a crash in a vintage Rolls Royce. Posted by Picasa

Just because you're face is full of flies doesn't mean you can't be fly. Posted by Picasa

Yes; defiately either a crash in a fancy old car, or a deadly catfight.... Posted by Picasa

Amalia is the most beautiful undead girl in the world... pretty pretty... Posted by Picasa

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