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Sunday, August 06, 2006

London Laziness

Hallo, folks, from Londontown.

I am staying with my buddy, Greg, and we've been doing a whole buncha sitting around here. I was pretty exhausted after my bus trip from Hamburg, but actually, it was pretty decent. Once we hit Amsterdam, the bus was mostly empty, so I just curled up on my bag for the rest of the way to London.
Greg met me at the station for some predictably bad food and my favorite, Cider & Black (as in a splash of blackcurrent cordial in a Strongbow cider), and then we headed back to his place. Aside from taking a walk each evening across the Flats, we have mostly just been taking it easy and watching anime, which is nice, since my plan is to hang out with Greg and just catch up until Laura arrives on the 11th.
Pictures have been few, so I will wait until I've got a page's worth before my next upload.
P.S. Typing with no "e" key sucks. At least there is cut + paste.
I am such a computer dork these days... hee hee..
Hearts to you all!

Friday, August 04, 2006

My Favorite Bar EVER!!

New pictures!! Update from Hamburg! Last Day in Hamburg until the 16th, I am off to London!

On Wednesday night, Ariane and I went out to the bars. First we went out to sushi, which was in a chain of asian food restaurants, but I must give them credit; despite the bad service, the fish was amazing (except for the one white fish that had bones in it... eeew!) The tuna was great, but the salmon.. OMG... it was like butter. Really. That rich and pretty high fat content, but just the most perfect and overwhelming salmon I have ever had. Thumbs up to that place.. Bok?

Anyhow, the first two photos of us are from Drei Zimmer Wohnung, which translates to "3 Room Apartment." The entire bar is decorated like someone's apartment in super-kitch '60's style. Note the wallpaper behind us. We had not intended to go to that bar, but we got caught in a thunderstorm on the way to Hasenschaukel, so we stopped in for a game of Kicker, A.K.A. foosball. We totally lost, as we only got to play one game, but it was fun anyhow. The best part about that bar is that they have a bed where you can sit and play Tekken.. unfortunately the playstation seemed to be broken.

Anyhow, we headed out after the rain stopped pouring down, and walked down to Hasenschaukel, which I had seen a few days before from the outside.... As you can imagine, seeing the sign and the flyer, I was totally excited to go. Normally on Wednesday nights, they have a dj who plays classical music. Really. Classical music dj. Apparently he's great at it, really makes it interesting, and sort of takes you on a mini historical tour of classical music. Tonight, however, he was playing old (punk) rock 'n' roll. He's one of the owners.
The decor in there is astounding. Murky pastel lime and dusty rose everything. Note the baby-doll lampshades. They have actual record players and a nice sound system, and the bar is light from behind, sending a yellow glow through all of the glasses in the fancy cupboard shelves. It is the sort of place one might want to drink absinthe and feel like you were in Wonderland.

Due to the bunny theme, of course Ariane and I had to act like bunnies. You know how it is. Hee hee... Notice the amazing tile on the floor, the awesome cupboard, the wallpaper. It was velvet. Apparently, according to the co-owner/dj, the wallpaper was left over from the 50's and bought from some random american shop. Even the bathrooms had astounding wallpaper. The menu was the cutest thing I've ever seen... art deco cartoon monkeys... how can you go wrong??!! But it gets better. Look at what I was served at 11pm... first a vodka tonic, then I ordered a latte... which came with that adorable bunny cookie!!! And, they have Ben & Jerry's. Ice cream, alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, bunnies, cuteness... I said to Ariane and the owner that this is what Heaven must be like in the daytime. See requisite picture of me totally dorked out hee hee.
I got some handmade adorable stuff (made by the dj's partner's mother!!) including what is now my camera case and some eggwarmers.

The next picture is simply for proof that I actually made it outside in the daytime this week.... hee hee... Ariane and I went SHOPPING.... I got a really cute jacket, an adorable red with black polka dots backless shirt and drooled over a jacket that I went back and bought today.. hurrah!!! OMG I love the new stoof... Shopping... eeee!!
The next few pictures are by a friend of Ariane, who's art opening happenned downstairs that night. She paints acrylic paint on wood, and then, working from her photos and sketches of the neighboring burrough, uses and exacto knife to scratch out the images. They are all very large... the first is probably 1m X 2m (as in meters, silly). The last one was graciously lended to the exposition by Ariane herself, who now awaits another painting to hang in her living room for the next 3 weeks.

Today is Friday. I only slept about 3 hours after we went to the kebab shop and got home at 4 am, and then I hung out with Ariane before she was picked up to go out of town for a shoot -- a fireman's teaching video. Next weekend there will actually be stunt men in the shoots!! I've just gotten home an hour ago, and I'm cleaning the house and going to give myself dance class and work out before my night bus to London leaves at 9pm.

PS... Daaaamn my new jacket is awesome!!! Whoot!!!

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