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Thursday, May 04, 2006

My birthday: dinner & drinks for me on Saturday 5/6!!

This Saturday, May 6th, I would like to celebrate my birthday with everyone.

I'm thinking dinner at 7:30 or 8, drinks, and maybe more afterwards.

How would you feel about dinner at the Last Supper Club?
Or at Cha Cha Cha in the Mission?
Drinks, etc could happen in other places... hmmm.....

Dream come true; OMG!!!

I got a phone call;
I heard from the germans; I'm going to France in 2 weeks to dance at their performance during the Cannes Film Festival!! All expenses paid, and I'll be paid, 5 star hotel, 2 days of rehearsals (not whole days), 2 performances, and the rest of the 11 days is for me to enjoy myself with great people... in Cannes, FRANCE!!!! For my work as a DANCER!! my art... is getting me to Europe on someone else's tab... and I'm being PAID for it!!!

We're doing the show on the docs in Cannes, during the week of the film festival, at some fancy hotel space where the big stars stay... eep! We expect up to 500 attendees...

Here's the link for TRIP, although I don't see info about the show yet...:

Living Dead Girlz Show this Sunday!


The Living Dead Girls have been asked to be the show closer (*faint*)
for this most amazing of productions, presented by the good ol' Dr.
Kingfish and many of the (no longer active) Spectacular-Spectacular

It'll be an amazing, hilarious night.

Go here
for the full lineup.

Doors at 9, band at 10, first burlesque set at 10:45, second burlesque
set 11:40.

So that puts us on after midnight.

We have a fairly short act this time--about 6 minutes long, as opposed
to our regular 10-12--because of the number of performers that need to
get on stage that night, and to manage the drunk-attention-span
theater aspect of the night. So be sure to not miss it!

We're really excited about this show! Just wait till you see what we
have planned for you...

And don't forget! We and the other performers will be messy, messy, MESSY.
Part of our new standard show procedure involves the distribution of
prophylactic plastic.

Also, advance notice: our next shows will be 6/6/06 and 6/6/08. Stay
tuned for details.

Bloody gory love to you all!

-The Living Dead Girlz

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