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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Living Dead Girlz Open Photoshoot this Sunday, September 18th!

Photographers and Friends of the Living Dead Girlz and Chainsaw Mafia:

The Living Dead Girlz are in desperate need of photos for our website!!

and so we're going to get our hot, undead bodies all made up and scantily clad in the hopes that you folks might be enticed to come and take advantage of 7 hot zombies posing for you!! We'll have some lighting (provided by The Chainsaw Mafia), and a wherehouse to utilize.

If you'd like to help with makeup or can help take digital pictures that we can use on our website, we'll be eternally grateful (and that's a long time when you're undead!)

Please RSVP by emailing me at

Sunday evening, September 18th:

Photoshoot at the Cracktory in SF.

Photographers can arrive and begin shooting at 6:30

Living Dead Girlz will arrive as close to 5 as possible for makeup. (Some earlier arrivals are also welcome, as early as 2pm, but the full flock of us won't be there until later.)

We'll try to have everyone in makeup by 7:30, but photographers can arrive at 6:30 and start taking individual shots/small group shots as people become ready. When everyone is done, we'll work on large group shots. I imagine we'll probably not be done until 10 at the earliest.

We don't have to dance, though, so we might want to consider beer; the Cracktory has encouraged us to bring any snacks, drinks, etc. that we would like to consume.

If you know of people who would be interested in helping with makeup or taking pics, by all means, please put me in touch with them and invite them!!

1580 Custer Avenue
corner of Custer and Rankin
near the intersection of 3rd and Evans in the Bayshore district
mapquest link: on public transit from both the 15 and the 19 lines, coming
from downtown SF

IM Conversation....

Danielle: How was your super busy weekend?

me: it was great
me: AWESOME even.
me: zombies, hot sex, productivity
me: got the music figured out almost entirely;
me: had a blast hanging out with my dj friend
me: laughing about all the little things we heard in the music

Danielle: Zombies, hot sex, and is my new goal in life to be able to use that phrase to describe a weekend of my own...

Ah; Amalia... Molly is the prettiest ever. And this picture doesn't give proper credit to the hugeness of her hair before we ventured into the sunshine and wind of Alameda Beach for our Zombiecise class... Posted by Picasa

Here's Skye; a church lady zombie from Australia having a quaint little lick of zombie nip. Posted by Picasa

I think this one might be my favorite.... a good icon and mood for the living dead girlz. Posted by Picasa

speaking of zombie sluts... Posted by Picasa

This is my fashion-gore pose...  Posted by Picasa

A little snack in the middle of your workout can cause quite a mess... Posted by Picasa

The Lovely Julie.... Posted by Picasa

Chase, once again an unforgettable homophobic redneck zombie Posted by Picasa

Me... as sort of a rich girl cokehead zombie slut (Paris??) and Shannon Lark, our Zombiecise instructor... Posted by Picasa

Whittles as Church Lady Zombie... this tired and we hadn't even started to Zombiecise!! Posted by Picasa

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