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Thursday, January 31, 2008


Today is it.
I quit smoking a year ago.
I did it. I made it a whole year. And it wasn't too bad.

And I know that I can never ever have just one puff. I know that I can never be a casual smoker or a social smoker or a once in a while smoker. I used to smoke near a pack a day for about ... 12-14 years.... And now I am a nonsmoker.

And it's totally rad. I smell good. That's the big thing. I don't have a habit that is semi-embarrassing in public (not that I approve of the current moral demonization of smoking). I don't feel like I breathe better (I was already in good shape), but I do enjoy not having a gross-sounding cough. Mostly, though, it's my vanity on the good smell that makes me the happiest. :) I am totally okay with being a non-smoker for vanity's sake. Whatever it takes to get me here.

Ironically, this morning I realized that my hair smelled like cigarettes from being around it yesterday, and when I got home there was a very fancy advertisement package from Camel in the mail.

Hee hee.
All that extra munies. (It all goes to clothes).
Hee hee!

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Smarts of the Interwebs

Wow. I am sitting here at my desk, NOT working on my thesis, and it's OKAY. It's okay because last night I finished and turned in my reworked draft to my second reader; much of which had undergone two rewrites.
This means that I have one more rewrite to do, plus fancy formatting stuffs. Like... I am kinda done doing the bulk of my written thesis. Which means that I might have the Brain to make a cool concert thesis. And I will only be taking about.. oh... say 60% of the load that I had last semester. JESUS. Holy Crap. The horizon is visible.

From the intardwebs, articles that appeal to my skeptical inner hippy, thanks to many lj buddies:

Morality, as I see it and science now is confirming

exersize mostly just makes you feel better, unless you're sedentary.

Freaking Bionic eyes. Can I has PLZ??

Monday, January 07, 2008

Dance-A-Thon on Saturday! Whoot!

DANCE-A-THON for ShoeBox Studio &!
Saturday, January 12, 2008
On January 12th, from 10AM-8PM, every ShoeBox class will be offered in a 30-45 minute sample format. Classes will run back to back as a "marathon".

This is a great opportunity to try out a bunch of different teachers and mini-classes (my class is at 12:30), as well as supporting your community! See you there!

Dancers who would like to dance but not collect pledges may still participate by simply making a $12-20 sliding scale donation at the door.

The schedule as it stands so far:
(please check here for updated schedule )

10-10:30 - Warm Up Pilates w/ Christopher
10:30-11 - Contemporary w/ Sara Templeton
11-11:45 - Dark Fusion Bellydance w/ Ariellah
12-12:30 - Funk Fusion Bellydance w/ Cera
12:30-1 - Street Jazz w/ Amber
1-1:30 - Yoga Conditioning for Dancers w/ Ariellah (?)
1:30-2:15 - Afro-Samba w/ Dandara
2:15-3 EITHER Afro-Caribbean w/ Virginia or Tribal Fusion Drills & Basics w/ Gibson Pearl
3-3:45 - Modenco w/ Carole
3:45-4:15 - Pilates w/ Michelle
4:15 - 5 - Hip Hop Fusion w/ Sarah
5-5:30 - Contemporary w/ Sara Templeton
5:30-6:15 - Flamenco w/ Carolina
6:15-7 - Afro-Caribbean w/ Virginia
7-7:30 - Tribal Fusion Drills & Basics w/ Gibson Pearl
7:30-8:15 - Funk Fusion w/ Cera
8:15-8:30 - Cool Down

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