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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Newfound friends at Comic Con & Warren Ellis Shows Love!!

So, while Living Dead Girlz were at Comic Con, we were hanging out with some awesome folks, including George Romero himself, his super cool Director of Photography for the 30th Anniversary of Night of the Living Dead Documentary, Robert, Chris, Romero's manager, the wonderful William Christensen, Editor in Chief of Avatar Press, Dheeraj Verma, an amazing artist for Avatar, and more wonderful peeps, including Mikey, who drove a bunch of our stuff home; YAY Mikey!!

We befriended some amazing people, including:

Brian Pulido
, the author of the Lady Death comic book series (as well as many others, film festival and movie director... wow.. I just found his bio and it speaks for itself, really. He's an excellent guy, lovely to have dinner with; especially when he and Jacen talk about their future comic book idea... let's just say that it's tentatively called "WRONG." Imagine the dinner-inappropriate conversation, and how at home we zombie girlz felt! <3 <3

Jacen Burrows, is our new favorite illustrator, he's awesome at zombies and is gonna draw us! Jacen was totally wonderful, cheery, hilarious and a pleasure to hang out with all weekend. We're threatening to all come over to his house in the midwest and hide when the apocalypse happens. He illustrates for our host Avatar Press, (we love you, William!) doing work on Chronicles of Wormwood with Garth Ennis and drawing covers for George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead prequel series as well as John Russo's Escape of the Living Dead and Black Gas 2 with writer Warren Ellis. Holy CRAP. I just was poking around his website and saw that he did some of the illustrations for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas & Vice City. And he's our fan. And he drawz us good... eeeeeeep! **brain explodes**

and Warren Ellis, who loves choco ginger nut biscuits like I do. I must admit, I didn't realize that Warren Ellis was going to be at the table with us for most of the weekend. When I first walked up, my little undead heart skipped a starstruck beat. (And that is RARE; undead hearts not beating and all.) For those of you who don't recognize the name; he's the author of ( among other books & graphic novels,) TRANSMETROPOLITAN, the graphic novel that inspired my love of Hunter S. Thompson and thereby inspired my blog writings for the first year. He's lovely, and I had loads of fun hanging out with him for the day and chatting about British cookies. He is, however, doomed to letting us drag him out for drinks in the future, since we didn't get to this time.

And then, as if he weren't totally awesome enough, he went and posted our demo reel in his blog. Now I've got to buy him a drink!

There was lots of mayhem, as you'd imagine, but I'll leave those stories and pictures for S.W.A.T. Zombie's more amusing writing skillz... The gallery is a-growing!!!

All in all, it was an exhausting (even for the reanimated) but fun weekend. Much love for the Avatar Press folks, and especially to our dear Doctor Zombie, who splurged on the hotel room that we couldn't afford ourselves (convention prices; OUCH!), thereby saving us from covering Cowgirl Zombie's Aunt's house in zombie gore.
Not performing and not having space for our own merch did permit some misunderstandings, unfortunately... folks seemed to mistake us for hired models who were just there to be pretty instead of guests with talent and products of our own. Sometimes that causes mistreatment of zombies by the masses. As I said in an email recently, we prefer to be treated like LADIES.

Stay Tuned for the pictures!!!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

YoLaLa fills me with GLEE!!!

I love!


A while back, I posted about finding the French hip hop song that I loved, and Thomas of found my post and invited me to listen to his podcast. About 30 hours of pure listening joy later, I listened to this month's yolala podcast, which made me squeal and blush with glee!


And check out YoLaLa!
It's a webcast about French Hip Hop for Anglophones; Thomas explains, in English, what the French hip hop scene is about; what the lyrics mean, what the historical context is, both in terms of the rap scene and current events... it is fascinating, and great music.

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