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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas! Dancing! Kittons! cookies!

I took my first ODC class today, with Mary Carbonara; it was super fun and nice, and I did a good job on my first day there (second day of combo). Sonya made a good recommendation by suggesting I take from her. hoo-rah. And... WTF? pregnant! hmm... something about dance teachers being preggo these days; I best be careful!
kitties are plenty!

In other news: my friend Kati saw her little jelly-bean with arms and legs' heartbeat yesterday. Wow! I get to be an aunty!!! I hope hope hope I get to be there for the birth.... I know it's hard to plan these things, but I totally wanna see it, and hold her hand and give her hugs, and scream for her. heee

So... christmas plans for you? We got tree #2 last night; it needed to be re-drilled, otherwise it was about 40 degrees from straight. hee hee. it smells lovely. I wanna bake cookies!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Performance Tomorrow night!

Thanks to Jess for the initial posting!

We get to perform in the very first Shoebox Studio's student showcase coming up this Friday!

Our own darling Cera is the owner and operator of this awesome dance studio, and it's a great place to shake or stretch it.

I am dancing with Jess and another student (or more?) in the culmination of my Street Jazz Performance Workshop, which was the most fun to teach evarr. I had so many great students who worked super hard and made me squeal with appreciative joy!! YAY HOT LADIES DANCIN'!!

Lovely Miss Sheila is dancing with Cera in the Funk Fusion Bellydance group!

Here's the site's copy:

Shoebox's First Student Showcase!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Join us for our first Student Showcase, where you will get a chance to see what your friends have been working on in all of our Winter Performance Workshops!

There will be performances in: Afro-Samba, Bellydance, Hip Hop Fusion, Turkish Roman, Street Jazz

WHERE: The Garage,
975 Howard St. between 5th and 6th
WHEN: December 14th, 8pm
Cost: $10

There are 50 seats available. PLEASE click below to buy your tickets now! Please list your first and last name in the "comments" section of your purchase. Thanks! (If we have an overwhelming response for tickets, we will do our best to add a 9pm show. As soon as we sell out, we will stop ticket sales on the website.)
You can get tickets on the site here.

I am super excited to be performing NOT in zombie makeup, and for the sheer joy of it. BOO YA!! Come and join us!

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