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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

World Zombie Day & LDG show in NYC!

Well, everyone; here is the first batch of photos!

NYC was a blast; especially the zombie crawl! I heard that 400 zombies made it to the Beauty Bar for the romp to Union Square (where a Christian rock band was playing; I hope there is a picture of me eating his head somewhere)! Then Shannon and I went on to meet our AWESOME cast of extras (OMG thank you all SO much!!)

World Zombie Day NYC 2008

Group (me with brains face):

long shot


large group (In the front from L-R are me (), Shannon , Autum (a Burning Angel & our co-host), and Doug Sakman of, our host.

Zombie Rabbit (came with zombie Alice):

Zombie Nurse (she asked me for a picture for her friend who had dressed up as me for Halloween last year *blush*!!)


Our friend Chris (yay! Chris worked with us and took Shannon and I on our first trip ever to White Castle after the show):

Pizza Man Zombie:

Jack (our driver & played the bunny for us in Philly):

Doug doing a pulling:

HILLBILLY ZOMBIES (I hope there are more pictures of this!! So far this is all I have found... Natalie was great as the hick girl; she argued back and struggled and was scared and proud and awesome!!! Brent played the boyfriend and threatened her with the knife, and Justin was so freaking awesome as the drunk friend; he brought his own mustache, side burns and buck teeth!!! They both spent much of their free time pretending all of the props they could handle were their cock... we were hysterical with laughter!:
beers steers:

kill her:


me crazy giggle:

scaring the goths

Shannon being dipped by me:

grab the dude (Oh, Brent; you were the dirtiest goth dude evah!! We loved you; I wish we had a picture of you LICKING THE ROSE! HA HA HA! And the ladies looked like they were going to pass out with the ecstasy of your flirtation! Natalie & Alicia; you guys were fantastic!):

remove intestines:

convince him it's not so bad without intestines:

me& shannon bone dance:

me smirk chair:

shannon chair:

me chair claw:

Shannon chair:

shannon chair:

me roar:

get on chair:

Shannon hump apple:

all first meal:

all first meal 2:

Alicia as zombie (OMG you were hilarious!! and an awesome zombie!!):

Natalie as zombie (you were so awesome!!):

Shannon eats intestine on back:

Shannon on floor leg kick:

Me close up scream/huh?

dude gets nuts kicked by midget:

shannon and I rarr pose:

shannon me doug & dude (nasau chainsaw?)

And there was so much more! There was a photobooth there; we're awaiting more pictures; and I have yet to upload my pictures... hurrah!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

September Beach Pictures!

Some of my favorites from our weekend in Santa Cruz with Scott and Dena:

We took Manfriend for his very first pedicure:

Scott bonded with the magical accordionist:



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