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Thursday, October 29, 2009

DV8 Physical Theater: 11/12-11/14 My FAVORITE dance company in SF!!!

DV8 Physical Theater: 11/12-11/14
My FAVORITE contemporary dance company is coming; first time in 11 years!!!
I wrote a big paper about them in undergrad, and they greatly influenced my contemporary dance choreography.

I have never gotten to see them live and I am seriously considering seeing them more than once.
DV8 Physical Theater performs "To Be Straight With You" 11/12 - 11/14 YBCA in San Francisco!

DV8 website with a randomly looping set of video clips (Gorgeous)

Trailer for "To Be Straight With You"

Sunday 11/8 - DV8 Video Screening

"These are
not documentations of performances, they are original films developed
for the camera. Program includes Enter Achilles, a funny, cruel
exploration of the male psyche; and the stunning Dead Dreams of
Monochrome Men
, loosely based on the story of serial killer Dennis
Nilsen. (1996 & 1989, 95 min total running time, digital video)" (My dancer friends have probably all heard me talk about this video; it's a huge inspiration for me.)

Thursday 11/12 - Opening Night of "To Be Straight With You"

Friday 11/13 - Talk with the Choreographer, Lloyd Newson

- Live performance of "To Be Straight With You"

Saturday 11/14 - Video Screening of DV8's "The Cost of Living"

- Live performance of "To Be Straight With You"

I hope you can come!!!! 

I think I will go on Thursday, and
maybe try to see the talk on Friday... I would love to go on Saturday,
to see "the Cost of Living" video first... hmm... 

More info below!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Shoe Wraps

Damn; another idea I could've made a billion dollars off of... well; at least now I can buy them!!!

A small strap of cute fabric, with ribbon sewn to the ends. It wraps around the underside of your shoe to "tie the outfit together"... but also... it helps keep your heels on without them having to be tight. BRILLIANT.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Zombieland Review with David Templeton & I!

This week I had the fabulous opportunity to go see Zombieland with film critic David Templeton.
Not only did we have a fabulous time at the movies, we also got to gnaw on raw fish afterwards & chat about our favorite parts.

The column is now on line at

The headline: Tripping the Dead Fantastic

David tells me that the print version comes with awesome pictures, too, so if you're in the North Bay of SF, pick up a hard copy!

"The print version of the paper includes a picture from Zombieland, a still from Dawn of the Dead (The Romero version, with the great caption: "Even George Romero didn't foresee Dawn of the Dead's influence on modern dance."), and a shot of you smiling beautifully as someone drips blood and guts on you (caption for that one: "We're guessing Amber Steele's dance rehearsals are pretty different from Martha Graham's.")."

Thanks, David! <3

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Wedding Photos!!

Alright; Neil Girling the official photographer, has posted our wedding photos!
He did such an awesome job!! YAY!!

Also, if you haven't seen our compilation of our fabulous friends' photos,
here they are:!/

Thank you all so much for being there & making it the most spectacular day evar!!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Married People Advice

My friend Feather is freaking awesome. So's her husband. I realize that I'm totally seeking out married people friends and more couple-friends time. Feather gave me a pretty good explanation of the couples-seeking-couples-for-frendship phenomenon. She explained it somewhat like this:

'When you get married to someone who deserves you and who you deserve, you're making a commitment to constantly be working on yourself. So you can't really afford to have friends who don't incite healthy behavior.'

Mmmm... juicy to think upon.

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