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Sunday, July 30, 2006

magic massage tool?

Here's a collection of coincidences that are freaky,,,

So, earlier tonight, I was stretching and I felt my injury flare up (the one under my ass bone, for lack of a better term). So I asked Ariane if she had any hard massage tool or a tennis ball or something that I could massage it out with.
When it is flared up, it usually hurts every time I move it for the next hour or two
and I had this injury on the other side, so it has been over a year of healing the other one, and that still gets tender, and so, this one on the left, I know will take a long time to heal.
Ariane had only one small hard thing, and it is a white stone that she couldn't remember at first where it had come from. I ground it into my sore adductor connective tissue, and there was really a surprising lack of pain within a couple of minutes.
I twisted my leg to turned out position, it hurt again, I massaged a slightly different area and then it stopped hurting; really stopped hurting...
I said to her, "wow, that really, really helped!"
She said, "oh my god.. I just remembered that I got it from a preist in Tahiti"
"I think it has something to do with a powerful sea creature"
So... just then, her best friend, Eliane, who is in Tahiti now (she had a baby with a man down there), wrote her an email asking Ariane to call because weird stuff was happening in Tahiti.
When Ariane called, Eliane said that the preist had found her, and brought her to a sacred space where he had left a stone in Eliane's honor, because there had been some feeling that he had something more to do with Eliane, even though he had not done anything (ritual wise) with her.
The preist is apparently looking for an apprentice, because his children do not have whatever it takes within them, and the preist learned that Eliane's son is named the hawaiian word for Shark/shark god.
... hence the preist took Eliane to the place, and showed her her stone and said that he wants to do a ritual with Kiki (her son), and needs back this stone that Ariane has here in Hamburg, which he gave Ariane after doing a ritual on her 4 years ago.
Apparently the stone has something to do with fertility,
and was just reactivated last night.

Does this make my butt fertile now?

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