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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Copy Store PTSD

I think I am developing copy center PTSD.

I do NOT recommend the Kinko's/FedEx on Market and Duboce.

The dude behind the counter last night took near a half hour to process 3 ground domestic packages.
Stupid questions, poking the touch screen one finger at a time, even though there was a keyboard, asking me if they're going to the same place when I've just filled out the forms in front of him, giving me an international slip, but then not giving me the international customs form.
Meanwhile, a huge line has formed, they let someone go home, and other dude -who abanndonned helping me to put paper in a printer for ANOTHER employee- is standing around doing nothing. My dude processed the DVD to Canada and said, "That'll be $54." This is the cheapest price, because "they don't carry the customs forms for ground shipping."

I don't know; I think $54 must be for the excellent service, OBVIOUSLY.
I said, "NO thank you; I will go to the post office and pay $3."

He said; "it's a bit expensive."
I said softly, chuckingly, "it's fuckin' bullshit," in the way that, normally, folks behind the counter agree with you and say, "yeah; I KNOW," and bond with you over an eyeroll. Not this guy, apparently.


He then sent me to another counter where some other dude rang me up for a roll of tape, but not the envelope I had, so I had to go back again, cause I could imagine someone stopping me at the door; "THAT cussing woman just stole a 49 cent envelope!! GET HER!!!"

LAST time I went to a copy store, they lied about the kind of printers they had, printed things out substandardly for me and then charged me $70 for a job that they knew they couldn't do, but did anyway, to see if they could slip it by me.

Copy places, I hate you.


fatma said...

ah yes, that has been my experience lately too. sigh for the old days when the graveyard shift kinky's was entirely staffed by gothykids and going to kinky's was like social hour. my senior year of highschool, i had hundreds of copies of york's literary magazine published at that kinkos for free, and never paid a dime. ah, the old days.

Vodyanoj said...

Har. You shoulda asked me. ;) Y'know, that's one of the reasons I no longer work there; but the Duboce store has always been kinda freaky.

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