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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

watch what you mutherfucking wish for.

I just heard from UCSC today. Nope. That makes all three of the grad schools I applied to. All of them. And I can't even tell you about how awful the situation that Bonni is in was. I'm trying to advocate for her a little bit; I called the news today, hoping that they'll get down on that shithole that they sent her to. It's outfuckingrageous. We sat all day with her on Friday, watching the med assistants and orderlies come into her room and look around the curtain at the 101 year old deaf and mute lady with a look on their face that said, "I think... uh... she looks... uh.."

Yup, she was dead all day. And it took them all day to bring other people in to check to make sure that she was dead. They're also denying Bonni the drugs she's prescribed half the time (maybe because they're taking her oxycontin and dilaudid themselves, hmmm?), but sometimes giving her the shot in her leg to thin her blood three times instead of two per day, (maybe because no-one is washing her properly or moving her every couple of hours, so she's at risk of bed sores and staph infections, hmmm?)... Well... that's only the beginning of the crap. Like when they emptied her catheter and didn't close it, so by morning time her piss was all over the floor. How about that, huh? Or the doctor who didn't call her perscription in to the pharmacy? And then came by and told her she'd be getting speech therapy. That girl has absolutely nothing wrong with her speech. She talks more than a speed freak, and is still as incredibly fucking hilarious as she's ever been. She made us laugh about all of that crap most of the time we were there. But she can't fucking move herself or walk. What the fuck does she need speech therapy for, huh?
I want to kill. Tomorrow I'll be contacting M.A.D.D. Who would have ever thought that, huh?

This week makes me violent.

But you should buy Bonni's album; it is fucking amazing. Swans and Twin Peaks influences can be heard, samples, and her amazing performances... I love it.

This site will also link you to the fund for her benefit, although you can donate at any Washington Mutual to the account for the Benefit of Bonni Suval.
Do it.

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CurlyGirl said...

girl, i have been trying to leave you a comment, but the stupid thing wasn't working.

i am so sorry you are having a rough time lately :( those grad. programs can be really tough to get into. everyone i know is having the same experience. and there's always next year. keep that sass up! i will send good vibes your way.

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