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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Zulu Update!

Some of you know that Zulu has been super ill again, so here's the scoop:

He got to come home yesterday and is definitely feeling better today, but we have to see whether the "reset" from surgery makes the difference, or if the infection just takes over again. If that happens....

We suspect that he had an external injury (cat bite?) that got infected, and instead of the infection opening outwards as a boil/abscess, it opened inwards.
Surgery on Friday removed almost a liter of puss & puss-globs from his chest cavity, as though an abscess had burst inward. Cell analysis did not find any cells that would normally be present in the gut, so we don't think it was something he swallowed that worked its way out of his stomach into the cavity.
Hopefully now that his abdominal cavity is less of a giant abscess, he'll be able to fight the infection. He's on two broad-spectrum antibiotics.

He had two IV's, so both of his front legs were shaved, and how he's got little fur-boots on.
His surgery wound is HUGE... it goes from the top of his scar from the last gut surgery (4 inches) up to his rib cage, and is probably over 6 inches long. He's eating & digesting properly, drinking lots of water and getting tons of love.

Send kitty magical wishes, please!!

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Mercedes said...

Poor Zulu :(

Get better soon!

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