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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Kidneys, Friends & Home

I've been really sick for the past week; I still am sick, but the big bad is over, thank god.
Only five more days of antibiotics... *eyeroll*
But I finally got to dance again today, which felt so wonderful; YAY!!
It's amazing how greatful you are for your health after these serious bouts of illness. Many thanks to all of you wonderous folks who gave me snuggles and made me not "jostle my organs" before I was ready. Your care I'm sure has saved me from many many extra days if not weeks of pain and ick.

On more fun notes, I've been at Steev's a bunch, and I just discovered this week that the
Starbucks downstairs in the building is managed by my friend, Teala.
I've been asking her for years, "Where is this Starbucks that you
manage, Teala
?" and never knew where she was talking about. Now I'm practically living upstairs, since Steev moved into the building above it, by sheer chance. I discovered that she worked there because on my first visit, I saw the employee Halloween costume collage, and there she was dressed as Cruella DeVille. It filled my heart with glee. I'm that sorta girl.

Today I actually got to see her in the morning, and then this evening I came down for chitty chat, a few ultra-discounted Xmas mugs that I wanted, and the requisite calling of one another "betch" and talking about love and birthing styles.
(Did I mention that last night I discovered that I'm in posession of a picture of myself before my umbilicus was cut? I wanna make a shirt. It will be pink with gold writing and say, "My First Picture.")
Her store is very comfy and couchy and people come in and read and study and visit her, including folks that I know. I feel so excited to have a local coffeshop in my life again; and it's right downstairs!!
Not to mention that it's one of the fastest Starbuck's I've ever been to, which is really important to me (especially since I'm usually cutting it close in the mornings). I want to gouge my skin off when I am left in line at a coffeeshop with slow service. I have to restrain myself from screaming, "Look here, mister morphinated coffeeshop employee! Every customer here is addicted to caffeine. You cannot serve us if you cannot step up to the challenge. ADDICTS. You must be on pointe! How can you drag yourself around back there with unlimited caffeine at your fingertips when there are people in NEED here??!!!"
Having been a barista, I can tell you that there is no reason for people to make one drink at a time except for bad training. And I can go in to Teala's store, wait for two folks to get rung up before me and leave with my Venti Lowfat Cinnamon Dolce Latte in like... 6 minutes. It is HOT. Dead Fucking Sexy.
Your store is the bestest EVER.

And on top of that, I get to wake up with a man who opens his eyes in the morning and tells me I'm beautiful, snuggles me, gets up and ready for work and comes in to kiss me goodbye and says, "you are my dream woman."
Goddamn, he is amazing.

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