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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

argh. blog envy, blog ethics.

I was just re-reading my fabulous friend, Curly Girl's blog. She's fabulous. And I felt a little envious about how I haven't been writing about my crapstick in my blog and my livejournal.
Here is a posting of hers, and our comments, which go to show the brilliant mind of Curly Girl (who is actually the person who inspired me to write a blog in the first place; hence the "curly" in my blog title,) although this post happens to be a deep one, as opposed to a hilarious one:

Perhaps I will create another blog, so that I can bitch? Or I could post to the girls only on lj...
Might be really enjoyable to have some online rooting for me as I proceed upon my path of ultimate coolness.
But; shit. Part of the ultimate coolness is that I get to have private conversations with my dear friends in which I get to be uncool.
And I really need to be uncool.
A lot. Especially right now. In fact, right now sucks. Right now fucking blows.

But... I think it's better to share the details and get support about this privately than online... which kinda sucks, because I see how much others get out of it. Honestly, though; I don't want someone to read an angry/hurt posting of mine months later when they get curious and then feel all hurt. Because I don't want to make a whole shitload of fucking messes that need to be cleaned up later.

Where did I get this strange new sense of privacy? I certainly didn't have it when I was younger. I used to be all about telling everyone all of my business; not just friends, but strangers, too. It was sort of my way to get feedback, validation, and to decide whether or not I liked the choices I was making.

And now I know myself better, and now I feel as though it's my responsibility to regulate myself according to what I think is right, and to keep my crap within the confines of friendships where I know I can return the favor of listening, rather than sharing too much.

Mmmmm... but you can see my temptation, I'm sure. It's probably worse right now than normal because I'm at work as a TA in a Database administration course lab, and I'm stuck here on 3.5 hours of sleep. Nothing to do but spill my secrets online... sigh...
so I'm relegated to posting on other people's blogs... heh heh...


Kari said...

Oh, dearie, do I ever know about the boredom of the DB labs....but I loved it, ya know.

benwillis4122 said...

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CurlyGirl said...

oh lady, thank you for the compliments and kisses. but you know your blog is just as fabulous, if not more, than mine. (it's also more goth. you win that prize for sure :)

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