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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Holy friggin' crap.

Here I am...
I was looking through google image search for some cute little picture to put on my list of managers' meetings, 'cause... well... that's what I'm up to today...
Well, I came across this lovely comic...

you can't help but love them...

Almost as much as I love visiting my friends down at the coffee cart. I was saying hi to Kim (hi Kim!) one afternoon a couple of weeks ago, catching up, leaning on the coffee cart while she served someone a cafe au lait.
I had plenty of time to observe him, since he wanted to know what every espresso drink was, cafe au lait, macchiato... He was tall; perhaps half a foot over six feet, and skinny enough to be nearly living on espresso products. He was wearing tight black jeans -- they may have had pseudo lacing up the sides -- and a black leather belt that was about four inches wide. The belt had no buckle; instead both ends had eighteen inches or so of fringe, and the fringe was tied together in a square knot under his navel. His shirt was tight as well, and under one eye he'd drawn two black spots of eyeliner, while the outer corner of his other eye sported two swishes of the liquid eyeliner brush like eyelashes.
He was very friendly.
He didn't quite understand that, for a cafe au lait to be a cafe au lait, you have to leave some room in the cup for the steamed milk to fit in.
Other than that, it was a fairly normal transaction. Kin made his coffee, handed it to him, took his money and gave him change.
And then he shared with us a little tidbit about himself.
He said that he'd not become tall until he was seventeen.
He clarified, "My growth was stunted because my babysitter fed me human blood when I was a kid."

He thanked Kim for the coffee and headed off down the street. Kim and I stood looking out across the pastries for a moment.
"Did he just say his growth was stunted because his babysitter fed him human blood as a child?" I asked her.
We stood for another moment of silence.
"Yes. ...yes he did..."

... ahhhh... San Francisco...

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