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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

"Did you see what God did to us?" ~Dr. Gonzo, Hunter S. Thompson

No more Hunter S. Thompson. There was a lovely article in the SF Chron today about HST, I particularly appreciated David Kipen's acknowledgement of the time it will take for HST's literary reputation to recuperate after his suicide. The conservative bastards who will waggle their chicken-greased "I told you so's" and crumby cruciform "You see what happens when you break the rules??" all over the glory of his writing for many condescending years to come. Ironic that the iconic flaunter of freedom from America's pressures to conform should be so impinged upon by the expectations of society in regards to such a basic, personal freedom as the choice of life or death.

The moral of this story is: You should read his books. And if you need reminders as to why you should read his books, you can look at some of my older entries.

Herm... I was just re-reading some of my stories from my visit to Vegas. I really, really want to go back there, and soon. I wish the hotel roomage were cheaper. I need to make friends with some folks who work in a Casino. I want to go and see Zumanity again. And there is a large road trip in honor of HST leaving San Francisco and Los Angeles for Vegas on March 24th. They're encouraging people to rent red convertables and REALLY do it up. I'm tempted, actually. I suppose I should email the guy... Here was the post I saw on LJ:

"We're leaving San Francisco and Los Angles for Vegas on Thursday night (March 24th, 2004]. Meeting up in Barstow. Thursday night.

Then on to Vegas.

Bring your own red convertable and ether jar.

No really. We're doing this. Email:

I'll see you before the bats see me.

Forward this. Put it on your blog. Post it somewhere cool.

I haven't had a two-week hangover in a few years.

Let's party and show the man we'll miss him."

Now, doesn't that sound tempting?

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