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Saturday, January 22, 2005

the Backlog...

So, the picture below represents only about a fifth of the backlog of things that I am updating in this office. There are probably about 40 files there. The guy I work under just doesn't do anything. He only has to work four hours a day, and yet he only manages about three work-related emails and a fourty-five minute cigarette break each day. He surfs the web, spends time clicking on all twelve of the "click here and we'll send money to the rainforest" websites, checks the weather in his home town...
The pile of paper below may all be trash, accidentally sent to our office. All he has to do is plug in a number off each 3-25 page clump, and then write a little note on the post-it that I've already attached that says, "yes" or "no". Then, we can throw out all of the "no" papers, and I can do the rest of the job. In three weeks, he has looked at 2. (I have done 100, plus five other things to each one.) Then, after whining about whatever comes to mind for 25 minutes on the clock, he goes home and takes a nap.
We have to share a desk most of the time, and it's covered in dust, piles of unorganized papers, his hair and his cat's hair.
Man; I so deserve his job.


Anonymous said...

Wow.. can I have his job too?

tortuga said...

wow, I knew it was bad but wow, you put it into words that I can completely comprehend.

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