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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Hoooray!! I got the scholarship for the Model Mugging class, and they are paying for a huge chunk of it!!! Yey!!! And I get to start the class on Saturday! Yey!!! Soon I will be kicking assailants in the face without fear! Yey!

Actually, I've had a pretty lovely week. I have been escorted/driven home every time I have had to come home after dark, which is relaxing. And I just joined a chorus, the Berkeley Community Chorus, so that means I will be singing again, and lots. I was pretty surprised to discover that I can still sing a high B flat, even though it's been five years and many cigarettes since I last tried to sing classical music. Soon I'll be kicking assailants in the face while trilling a high B flat; maybe I'll get even higher and be able to deafen them; I'll just carry around a crystal glass, and if anyone screws with me on the way home, I'll just hold it in front of their eyes and hit perfect pitch.... that sure would leave pepper spray in the dust.

Today I started working on an article for the Reel Video newsletter; it's going to be a Martha Stewart-esque decorating for Halloween in an Argentoesque kind of article... I sure do wish I lived in a house with crazy paintings instead of this ancient, now nicotine-stained "white" paint. Maybe when I am old and have my house with a lake to swim in, and lots of cats, I will take to painting the walls like all of the different rooms in Suspiria. That would make me happy. Yey!

I've also been feeling better and better about studying for the GRE. Although, it still baffles me how it is that my reading comprehension scores aren't the greatest. I think, personally, that I just think about things too much/ have different interpretations than they do. Yeah. Obviously, I am right, right? Why can't I score my own GRE? I would just explain any answers that they wanted to argue with me about, and give myself a 790 on everything. Heh heh heh....

It's been fun to start thinking about what schools I might go to. My plan is to just apply like crazy, and then to see where the cards fall... I'll apply to Santa Cruz, but maybe also to Chicago, Seattle, New Zealand, some american Uni's in Europe... stuff like that... Might as well, huh? It's so nice to finally feel like I have a path plotted out for myself; now there's a list of things that I have to do, and as long as I do them well, I will be in school and moving forward in life. I suppose, really, that I've always known that about myself, but it always seems to surprise me. I want to take my dance teacher with me, though. She's little; she'll fit in my bags. She might beat me to a pulp afterwards, but hey, maybe she won't mind... hee hee...

I keep wondering, though, whether I will actually get to take a big adventure before I ship myself off to school. I really want to; I'd love to go visit my friends in Germany, maybe go to Wave Gothic Treffen again (that's a big gothy/industrial music festival in Leipzig,) maybe just ride the trains around in Europe, see Prague again... plus I am wanted at a wedding that will be in Wales in some cave in April. It's Londonsummerloveboi's wedding, and his fiancee rocks. I keep imagining it sort of like that movie, the Wicker Man, even though that was on an island way up north from there. But I haven't really ever done a backpacking thing. I've also been considering a cross-country road trip sort of deal... hit up New Orleans, finally, New York, Maryland, Chicago, just visiting friends and testing the pie. Speaking of that; I saw someone reading a book on BART recently that I read a page of over their shoulder; someone had decided to take a road trip for exactly that reason; to test out pies. And they made a job out of it, because apparently they sold the book before they went on the trip, and were pretty surprised that they'd been able to do it. How awesome would that be??!! Travel books rock, really. My personal favorite is "Flaming Iguanas", which every girl should read. It's about a woman from NYC who decides to get a motorcycle and travel across the US with a friend, and they're going to do it as a gang, the Flaming Iguanas. Only the friend backs out, and the protagonist never finishes embroidering her leather because it beats up her hands, and so she does it alone in a leather jacket that says "FLAM" on the back, and tells lovely stories about being scared as a new rider of a motorcycle, and falling in the mud, and funny rednecks and walking into bathrooms that you can still smell the scent of pent-up vagina from some woman who'd imprisoned her privates in polyester. It's easy to read; it even has little pictures.


CurlyGirl said...

i have heard of that book! mr david s. loves it. i think i have seen the author before too at a theater in sf, before i moved there. am i getting early alzheimers?

Anonymous said...

That book sounds awesome! I should read it since I'm planning on creating a biker gang in the future...:)
I'm still planning on going to Thailand. Now that I'm maing more money-it's actually a possibility! Maybe January? I know things have seemed unstable with financial stuff with me but I do want to take a trip with you that's across some sort of fucking ocean. I'm working on it. I'm working on it.

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