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Monday, August 02, 2004

Vegas: Bipolar Republican Wonderland Part II

Well, on to day two of Vegas, I suppose....
The first thing that I did on Monday was to rise and check out of my room, which was, regrettably not destroyed in a rock star manner. No, sorry kids, there were no sliced up oranges or bashed in televisions. But, really, how could I smash up the cute little panda babies? I'd have nightmares of their cooing for the rest of my life and probably die a horrible death, vivisected by the chain link fence that some panda would pull me through on an innocent trip to the zoo....
I ate breakfast in the crappiest restaurant I could find in the casino. It was called the Pink Pony, and you would think that with a name like that, it would be cheap. Wrong-o, buster. It was nearly eight dollars for my omelet. The give you your own carafe of coffee at the table, but it's just an excuse to charge you $2.25 for crappy coffee that you would normally get free refills on. Sigh... This was my first realization that perhaps I wished for the Mafia to be back in control of Vegas.
Later the next night, I had a cabbie who was driving me back to the airport (the first time,) and he told me about the sad, sad fate of all of the $12.99 Surf and Turf deals that I had been unable to find on the Strip. Apparently, those were the benefits that came of people being shot down in the streets for unpaid debts. According to my cabbie (who of course must be considered the sage of the town, since he seemed to be the only person I met who actually lived in Vegas,) the gangsters used to just skim all of their profits off of the tops, thereby eschewing taxes or worrying too much about the actual costs of running their businesses. Since there were no taxes being paid, the city itself was nearly bankrupt. This was probably the true reason that the Mafia was eventually driven out of Sin City. Nowadays, there are indeed still cheap steaks, but I have been warned personally by the Sage Cabbie that you get what you pay for in most of these cases. Which should mean that most every steak on the strip is like heaven on earth, plus a flock of nymphomaniac love slaves, since the cheapest steak that Ariane and I could find was $18, and all of the others were $45. For $18 I got a steak that was medium rare when I had ordered rare; and I think that it was not that my order was taken wrong, but probably had something to do with the bizarre charring symbols on one side of my steak. Oh, well. At least the A-1 was good.
After checking out of Circus Circus, I walked over to the pool and spent a couple of hours swimming amongst the squealing children and their parents. And what I have learned from this experience is that if ever a lifeguard toots his whistle at you, and you feel annoyed, have some sympathy for those folks. Sure, they get to sit around in the sun all day, but I have never seen anyone look so bored as the lifeguards all over Vegas. Compare their job to one of a parking lot attendant. At least in that position, you can read or watch TV. But the lifeguards; they have to watch you and your squealing children all day while sitting in the same chair. Okay, so really I was thinking about how I almost became a lifeguard, and that it looked kind of nice....
I went to meet Ariane and her friends; I only had a long distance cell number for them, so I was avoiding calling it until the last minute. So I sat in Nefertiti's Lounge for two and a half hours in the Luxor, finishing Fahrenheit 451, which I passed on to Ariane afterwards. But before that I wandered the stores and realized how much I would have loved to come to the Luxor when I was young. I had a decades long obsession with Egypt when I was a little girl; from the time I was seven, if not before. I wrote and illustrated a book in fourth grade which illuminated my secret past life as the daughter/reincarnation of Queen Nefertiti herself, and since she had to go on to be a goddess, she pulled me back in time to be the queen of Egypt. And yes, I did know the word "reincarnation" when I was seven, so there.
When they finally showed up, we checked into our room, which was expensive. Hooray for the kindness of Ariane, in not making me pay for bundles of it. So Ariane and I headed out to New York to go find tickets to Zumanity, the newest show by Cirque du Soleil. It's about sex. Check out I will try to post some pictures for you,
but for now, I must eat some television and watch some sushi.
But next, I will tell you about how I was seduced by l'ame de Zumanity... onstage...


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